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James Redfield Hi everyone,

Is there a way to move into sync with the spiritual design of the universe, so that our lives go better? Are we discovering how to have more synchronicity, and more accurate intuitions, that can guide us through the challenges of our lives before they get bad--and open up magical opportunities for our best dreams? I believe  a new, very exciting time is beginning in human history. I call it the 12th Insight. The Mayan Calendar calls it the Ninth Wave of Creation.

But whatever it is called, it is a new clarity about the nature of the universe, and how we, as individuals, can put spiritual knowledge into very practical application to find a higher path through life. Think about it. We have been pursuing spiritual knowledge in a mass way for decades. And finally we've reached the clarity to put it into action, to live it everyday!

As we act individually, we create together a new cultural  approach to life that is the key to solving all the problems facing human society. I believe we can already sense what is occurring. There is a new call for civility and honesty in politics and business. It's the new urge we feel to live a more authentic life of integrity.

The emerging Twelfth Insight represents a spiritual life that the best of every religious tradition has always held true, and that, in fact, points the way toward peace. There has never been a more exciting time to be alive. In spite of all our problems, this new awareness can be contagious, moving from person to person and can resolve everything. We just have to consciously share the truth of what we are doing. Remember, it's not the end times. We're just beginning. It's morning in the world!

In Gratitude,
James Redfield

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